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Coffee by the cup

Try Our Seasonal Drinks!


Indulge in the comforting embrace of our seasonal Caramel Pumpkin Pie coffee, a delightful blend that perfectly marries the rich essence of pumpkin with a harmonious medley of warm seasonal spices and sweet caramel. Each sip is a cozy autumn embrace with the comfort of fall. Fresh brewed pumpkin spice coffee, finished with a warm sweet caramel whipped foam.



Savor the simple pleasure of our hot chocolate, a velvety cocoa elixir topped with a snow flurry of mini marshmallows. This classic combination of creamy indulgence and marshmallow magic is the ultimate comfort in a cup.



drip of the day
Md – Lg

Drip of the Day — $2.00 – 2.50

Flavor of the Day — $2.00-2.50

Cafe Au Lait — $3.00

Chai Latte — $4.75

french press coffee
French Press — $4.00

Clever Dripper — $4.00

Pour Over — $4.00

Hot Chocolate w/ mini marshmallows — $3.00

cold brew coffee

Cold Brew — $4.00

with Foam — $4.50

with Sweet Foam — $5.00

with Sea Salt & Caramel — $5.00

Happy Earth Tea — $3.00

Bottled Water — $1.00

add Flavor — $0.50

Chocolate Affaire — $5.00

tray of snacks available at union place coffee roasters
press pot and cup of coffee
cafe menu sign on chalkboard
union place coffee in packaging