Harenna Forest Ethiopian Wild Grown Coffee


  • Light-Medium Roast
  • Bright Acidity
  • Complex Notes of Apple, Berries, Floral and a Spicy Cocoa Finish
  • Package: 16 oz. poly bags with one way valve to seal in freshness

From the southern highlands of Ethiopia, this coffee grows wild within the native Harenna Forest naturally with no added fertilizers or pesticides. Perfected by nature, each bean is handpicked, carefully sorted and naturally sun dried ensuring that only the best beans make it to your cup.

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Product Description


Harenna Forest Ethiopian Wild Grown Coffee


Sourced from the Konjo Coffee Company, this wild grown coffee creates economic incentives for community partners to protect the Harenna Forest through land conservation within the Bale Mountain National Park. Providing employment opportunities and paying premium prices directly to resident pickers for properly harvested coffee has had a positive impact on the conservation efforts of the Konjo Project.

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Grind Type

Whole Bean, French Press, Auto Drip


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