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Coffee Roasting & Tasting

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Learn to Roast Coffee with Jon & Bryce

Are you a budding Coffee Connoisseur? Do you want to deepen  your understanding of coffee, but aren't sure where to start?
Join us for an afternoon of coffee education:

Learn how to roast at home with Our Resident Home Roaster Jon Dubner.
Learn about the process coffee goes through from Green to Cup, with Bryce as he fires up The Diedrich and takes you through the roasting process.
After; refine both your palate and vocabulary in a cupping session that will better help you understand the nuances of profiling coffee.

Attendees will be sent home with:

-1/2 lb. of Green Costa Rican Coffee
-1/2 lb. of Bryce's Fresh Roasted Coffee
-A Roasting and Tasting Education packet
-20% Off Coupon for your next visit, as well receive 10% off anything that day
-Other Coffee Goodies

Block Party at the Market

6:00 - 8:00pm

Come on over to the Regional Market and meet the neighbors!
We'll have our doors open to welcome you, drop in for sampling and tours.



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Coffee Roasting & Tasting

6:00 - 8:00pm


Learn to Roast Coffee with Jon

We are super excited to bring our favorite home roaster back! Jon will teach you how to roast coffee at home - using a simple hot air popcorn popper! Jon will demonstrate how easy and fun it is to roast coffee at home, showing you his tips and tricks to get good results. It may just become your new obsession.

Roasting Coffee in the Deidrich

Watch the roasting process from green to the finished cup. We'll roast up a batch of our Costa Rican beans to a medium roast. This coffee appeals to the drinker who likes a flavorful cup on the milder side with rich milk chocolate notes and a fruity sweetness.
Take a bag home, fresh from the roaster $13.95/lb.