coffee bean varieties

Coffee, much like wine, has a diverse range of flavors influenced by growing origins. There are two primary species of coffee beans; Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are grown at higher altitudes and are known for nuanced flavors, while Robusta beans are heartier, but often have a stronger, more bitter taste. Here at Union Place Coffee we roast only the Arabica varietal.
Different growing regions are know for distinct characteristics of flavors. Ethiopian coffee are celebrated for their vibrant acidity and fruity notes, while Brazilian beans are known for their nutty, chocolate richness. Colombian coffees are well known for a nice balanced profile, and Sumatran coffee tends to be a more full-bodied earthy cup.

Each coffee varietal and growing region contributes to the intricate flavors in your coffee cup, and you’ll find a world of coffees to choose from when you visit us or shop in our online store.

burlap coffee bean bags Union Place Coffee Roasters

Coffee Blends

With our deep understanding of the individual characteristics of each growing region, we skillfully blend varietals to enhance your coffee drinking experience. Blending allows us to craft coffees with unique, more intricate tasting notes in the final profile, ensuring you a consistently balanced experience in every cup.

For example, we combine beans known for more acidic notes with one that is rich and full bodied to craft a cup that is more balanced and harmonious, such as our Breakfast Blend. This favorite blend is not only well-balanced but also a unique complexity, making each sip satisfying and delicious. Our commitment to the craft of blending allows us to offer you a diverse range of coffees, each thoughtfully and skillfully roasted to bring out the best of every bean. Try all of our coffee blends!