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Blended for medium body and a balanced smooth taste without bitterness, appealing to the coffee connoisseurs seeking a pleasant and uncomplicated cup.

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Coffee Around the Globe

Green coffee imported from sustainable farms and trusted partners

Green Coffee

Clean green coffee loaded into the hopper and ready for roasting

Quality Control

Our passionate hands-on roasters check development throughout, to insure you the best cup

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Artisan Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY

Union Place Coffee Roasters, a boutique coffee roasting house in Rochester, NY, obsesses over everything coffee. Sourcing green coffee beans from socially responsible importers, roasting the perfect batch, and crafting harmonious blends is a big part of what we do. Simply put, the aroma, color and flavor of perfectly roasted coffee gets us excited. As artisan roasters, we produce great tasting coffee by roasting only 100% Arabica beans in small batches. Our hands-on roasting process ensures the development of the delicate flavor profiles of each coffee varietal. Most importantly, we pay close attention to details. We know that you will savor every cup of coffee right down to the last sip. Learn More

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Sourcing Coffee

Working with responsible importers is very important to us. Therefore, we only purchase our coffee beans from coffee importers whose social and ethical standards align with our own values of fairness and equality. We are proud of the fact that we purchase high quality green coffee beans from importers that work directly with the farmers in the Central and South American regions. These respected coffee partners educate and teach sustainable farming techniques to help farmers lower production costs, conserve and protect natural resources, and improve yields. As a result, farmers are enabled to sell their higher quality coffee beans at fair market prices.

Why Choose Us

At the Union Place Coffee Roastery we are passionate about good coffee and good people. Above all, we consider roasting coffee an art, striving for perfection in every batch we roast. We do not rely on computer processes with preset parameters, rather choosing to roast hands-on using our senses; watching for color changes, listening for first and/or second cracks, key aromas, and then cupping for rich aroma and desired taste profiles. Keeping detailed notes for each roast allows us to consistently duplicate desired batches. We trust our senses to capture the ideal roast and deliver perfectly roasted fresh coffee to you, our valued friends.