Summer Eclipse

$16.00 | 16 oz. | 16 oz.

• Roast: Medium/Dark
• Body: Medium/Full
• Acidity: Medium


Experience the magic of our Summer Eclipse Blend coffee, reemerging just in time to accompany the breathtaking spectacle of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. Savor every sip as you witness the harmony of solar wonders unfold before your eyes.

The Summer Eclipse is a blend of three coffee origins, Colombia, Sumatra and Tanzania. Each varietal is meticulously roasted to enhances its natural origin flavor. Colombian beans for a balanced acidity, Sumatran for a fuller body and Tanzanian for a bit of exotic tastes. Once roasted and degassed, these beans are blended together, creating a vibrant cup that will satisfy your coffee craving.

The Summer Eclipse Blend brews up a bold yet smooth cup, medium in acidity and full in taste. It will transport you to your favorite summer spot, kicking back lounging in your hammock. Whether you’re celebrating the celestial spectacle of the 2024 Summer Eclipse, or simply seeking to indulge in a cup of pure deliciousness, the Summer Eclipse Blend is one you will enjoy all summer long.

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