Espresso Blend Dark Roast

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Rich full bodied, well balanced with a robust smooth finish
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16oz poly bags with one way valve to seal in freshness

Our 100% Arabica Espresso Blend is roasted with a Brazilian base for a heavier body, subdued acidity, balanced sweetness and bitterness and a smooth robust finish. Produces a beautiful crema for the perfect espresso shot. We also enjoy this dark espresso blend with a drip brew or pour over method for a beautiful full bodied cup.


Espresso holds a special place in the heart of the coffee connoisseur. It is the base of most specialty coffee drinks. One advantage of espresso over other brewing methods is the formation of the crema. The crema layer of tiny smooth bubbles seals in aromatic compounds of your espresso. This keeps it from becoming too strong, thick, or tar like. While you can pull a shot with a single origin roast, you will typically find an espresso blend comprised of two or more beans.

Our Union Place Espresso Blend starts with a heady amount of Brazilian beans for its non-overbearing flavor while contributing to its creamy body, pleasant sweet rich crema. Colombian and Guatemalan beans are then added bumping up the acidity and adding exceptional and complex flavors. We then roast our Espresso Blend on the lighter side of our dark roast profiles. Darker roasts are more porous and soluble and will extract quicker, making this one a good choice for most machines.

Finding the perfect middle ground of tart to sweetness, our Espresso is roasted to just below the second crack. It produces a balanced, sweet, rich fully bodied coffee with a satiny-smooth mouth feel. Whether you’re pulling the perfect espresso shot or using a drip brewer this beautiful blend will brew a cup that’s bursting with flavor.

If you love our Espresso we recommend trying out our Union Place Dark Roast House Blend.

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3 reviews for Espresso Blend Dark Roast

  1. Bruce Lee

    This is one of the best Espresso blends that I’ve ever had! It’s full-flavored, robust and smooth, but not acidy. It produces a nice crema, too. Don’t shy away from “Espresso” because of the name. You might be missing out on one of the best coffees that you’ve ever tasted!
    Preparation method: Whole beans were ground in a Hario Ceramic Burr hand grinder, and shots were pulled using a Gaggia Deluxe Espresso machine.

  2. John

    This makes a GREAT cup of coffee! My wife and I enjoy this anytime of the day. Great aroma with mild body to it. I use a percolator for this cup of coffee.

  3. Nik

    Best Espresso beans I’ve had. Extremely fresh, and creates a great mount of crema.

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