Fresh Roasted Regular and Decaf Coffee for your home brewing enjoyment.
Choose from a variety of light, medium, and dark roasted coffees, skillfully roasted on-site.
Our coffee is packaged in 16oz vacuumed sealed poly bags with a one-way valve to seal in freshness.
Shipped to your home within 24 hours of roasting.

Flavored Coffee
Flavored Coffees
• Roast: Medium • Flavored Coffee • Package:16oz poly bags with one way valve to "seal in freshness" Beginning with perfectly roasted Colombian and Brazilian beans we introduce exotic flavor combinations to develop some of the finest flavored coffees for your coffee enjoyment. Look below for flavored coffee description. FRENCH VANILLA | HAZELNUT CRÈME | SNICKER DOODLE | SALTY CARAMEL | PECAN STICKY BUN | HIGHLAND GROGG | JAMAICAN ME CRAZY | DARK CHOCOLATE DECADENCE |  MOOSE CROSSING | JAZZY JAVA | SINFUL DELIGHT | AMARETTO | CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY | TIRAMISU SEASONAL FLAVORS: MAPLE CRÈME 
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Union Place Dark Roast
Union Place Dark Roast House Blend
• House Dark Roast Blend • Roast: Dark • Body: Medium to Heavy • Acidity: Medium • Flavor: Rich bold taste with a balanced smoothness • Package: 16 oz. poly bags with one way valve to "seal in freshness"   UNION PLACE DARK ROAST BLEND COFFEE A RICH BALANCED BLEND OF CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICAN  Our dark roast house blend coffee is a harmoniously balanced mix of Central and South American beans. A high percentage of Colombian beans are used for a rich wine-like sweetness, then adding Guatemalan beans for a more complex nutty cup and finish it off with a touch of Brazilian for a lovely cocoa finish. Roasted to the dark side, full-city +, just into the second crack. This dark roast produces slight droplets of oil on the surface making our house dark roast blend a customer favorite. Pleasing to both our dark and medium drinkers.
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Medium Roast
  • Bright Acidity
  • Soft Notes of Dark Chocolate, Intense Sweetness of Red Berries with Herbal and Black Tea Notes and a Clean Finish
As the birthplace of coffee, Yirgacheffe produces beans that are often considered the gold standard for all coffees. The exotic tastes of the harvests from the highlands of Ethiopia are complex, intense, and preferred by many coffee connoisseurs.
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Brazilian Full City
Brazilian Full City Roast
• Roast: Full-City Roast • Body: Medium • Acidity: Low • Flavor: Nutty, mild fruitiness, bittersweet cocoa finish • Packaged: 16oz poly bags with a one way valve to "seal in freshness" Brazil, is the world’s major producer of coffee, supplying nearly 30% of the world market. Our Brazilian Full City Roast coffee is a mellow, pleasant coffee and low in acidity. Full City Roast develops nice bittersweet cocoa notes ending with a clean finish. Brazils are not complex coffees, but solid crowd pleasing coffees with excellent body, appealing to the palate who finds acidity irritating. You’ll find Brazils in many espresso blends, as they make a really good base for espresso with good characteristics for mouth feel and crema.
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Guatemalan Medium Roast
• Roast: Medium • Body: Medium to Full • Acidity: Medium • Flavor: Nutty, warm spices, caramel sweetness and mild fruitiness Guatemalan coffees grow in rich volcanic soil in a spectacular rugged landscape. Guatemala’s micro-climates have a strong influence on the quality and flavors of beans. Guatemala is the major coffee producer of the Central American region. Guatemalan medium roast is a medium bodied coffee with a distinct rich nutty flavor in the cup, with a complex taste of fruited notes and a chocolaty to spicy ending with a lingering finish. This coffee appeals to an adventurous coffee drinker with discerning tastes.
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French Roast Colombian
French Roast Colombian
Roast: Dark • Body: Full • Acidity: Low • Flavor: Rich caramelized sugars with a dense bittersweet finish • Package: 16oz poly bags with one way valve to "seal in freshness" Colombia is the world’s best-known coffee producer and ranks second in worldwide coffee production. Colombian coffee farmers work hard to uphold their high standard of excellence resulting in a consistently good quality coffee. Colombia’s rugged terrain makes it a perfect natural environment for coffee growth, and with so much care and attention Colombian beans are consistently good quality. Our French Roast Colombian is a full bodied coffee developing rich caramelized sugars, low acidity and finishing with a robust bittersweet density. We roast to the second crack, allowing natural oils to excrete, creating a shiny dark bean with a light oily surface. Developing a rich bold pleasing flavor of a dark roasted coffee without an overly bitter or charred tastes.
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Espresso Blend
Espresso Blend Dark Roast
• Roast: Dark • Body: Full • Acidity: Low • Flavor: Blended. Rich full bodied, well balanced with a robust smooth finish • Package: 16oz poly bags with one way valve to "seal in freshness" Our 100% Arabica Espresso Roast is blended with a Brazilian base for a heavier body, subdued acidity, a nice balance of sweetness to bitterness for a smooth robust finish. If developing a beautiful crema on the perfect espresso shot is important give this one a try. We also enjoy this dark espresso blend dripped and pour over method for a beautiful full bodied cup, this Espresso dark roast is sure to please the discerning connoisseur.
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Breakfast Blend
Breakfast Blend
• Roast: Medium • Body: Medium • Acidity: Medium • Flavor: Mild, harmonious blend with a delicate silky-smooth finish Our breakfast blend coffee is crafted in-house using premium 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. Blended for medium body and a balanced smooth taste without bitterness. This blend appeals to a wide audience of coffee connoisseurs seeking a pleasant uncomplicated cup. A blend of Colombian adds sweetness and aromatics, Guatemalan for nutty notes and the chocolate hints of Brazilian give this cup a beautiful smoothness that will leave you craving this uncomplicated cup every morning.
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Colombian Medium Roast
Colombian Medium Roast
  • Roast: Medium
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Bright / medium
  • Flavor: Well balanced with a rich winey sweetness
  • Packaged: 16oz poly bags with a one way valve to seal in freshness
Our Colombian Medium Roast brings together a bright and well balanced acidity with a delicate aromatic wine-like sweetness. As the most recognizable coffee flavor to North Americans, this Colombian Medium Roast is one of our most popular options. Sweet and medium bodied, this coffee is a perfect choice for any fan of a full flavored cup without any bitterness.
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Swiss Water Process Decaf
Swiss Water Processed Decaf Colombian
• Roast: Medium/Dark City Roast • Body: Medium • Acidity: Bright • Flavor: Balanced rich sweetness / Swiss Water Process decaffeinated • Package: 16oz poly one way valve to "seal in freshness" Experience the full-flavor taste without the caffeine buzz. Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated Colombian beans are city+ roasted to bring out a balanced rich taste with a sweet finish. Decaffeinated without compromising flavor, Swiss Water Process decaffeination method uses water as a solvent to decaffeinate green coffee, for a chemical free bean. The Swiss Water Process of filtering and immersing green beans in a water bath to remove caffeine is repeated until the beans are 99% caffeine free; the process can take up to 10 hours.
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