Swiss Water Process Decaf Flavored Coffees

$16.75 | 16 oz. | 16 oz.

• Roast: Medium/City Plus
• Flavored Decaffeinated Coffee
• Package:16oz poly bags with one way valve to “seal in freshness”

Beginning with perfectly roasted Swiss Water Process Decaf Colombian beans we introduce exotic flavor combinations to develop some of the finest flavored decaf coffees for your enjoyment.

Look below for flavored coffee descriptions.

French Vanilla | Hazelnut Creme | Snicker Doodle | Jamaican Me Crazy | Dark Chocolate Decadence | Salty Caramel


We craft our flavored decaf coffees with Swiss Water Process Colombian beans, roasted to a Medium/City Plus. The beans are mild enough to not interfere with the decadent flavors we’ll infuse. You’ll enjoy the balance of specialty flavoring with natural coffee flavors without the caffeine. Each small batch is roasted and flavored by hand.

“Flavored coffee magic” first begins with fresh roasted decaf beans weighed out into separate containers, we then we mix a high quality liquid flavoring evenly throughout the beans coating evenly. All of our flavorings are 100% made in The USA.  It’s a hands-on process that insures the batch soaks up all the delectable flavors. Finally, and most importantly, we wait. That is to say, properly flavoring coffee takes time. After 48 hours the beans have absorbed the flavorings and the coffee is ready to bag and be shipped to your front door.

Decaf flavored coffees are the perfect way to enjoy a super flavorful cup without the caffeine or additional calories from flavored creamers and sweeteners. They are also 100% fat free, sugar free, gluten free and vegan. Enjoy your coffee day and night with the flavors you love.



Dark Chocolate Decadence: Dark Bittersweet Chocolate, Sinfully Delicious

French Vanilla: Smooth Vanilla Bean Taste with Creamy Soft Undertones

Hazelnut Crème: Rich Hazelnut with Sweet Crème Indulgence

Jamaican Me Crazy: Cinnamon, Rum and Pecan, a Tropical Favorite and Our Best Seller

Snicker Doodle: Hearty Nutty Buttery Flavor of Roasted Hazelnuts and Cinnamon

Salty Caramel: Carving Sweet & Salty, This One Hits The Spot

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Decaf French Vanilla, Decaf Hazelnut Creme, Decaf Snicker Doodle, Decaf Jamaican Me Crazy, Decaf Dark Chocolate Decadence, Decaf Salty Caramel


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