2023 Holiday House Roast

$16.00 | 16 oz. | 16 oz.

• Body: Medium/Full
• Acidity:
• Flavor:
Red berry fruit notes with a hint of spice and smooth finish
• Package:
16oz poly bags with one way valve to seal in freshness

Our Holiday House Blend is back for the season! It’s a wonderful cup of complex, unique and delicious flavors. This three bean post blend combines Colombian, Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans – each origin roasted separately at their own perfect profile. Tasting notes of red berry fruit, subtle nutty hints and a touch of spice. Enjoy a cup with those you love this holiday season.

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Our 2023 Union Place Holiday House Blend is here for the season! This special holiday blend is crafted with three different beans for a smooth, rich cup. Each origin is roasted at a different level, bringing out the best of each. This annual Blend is a customer favorite and worth all the extra effort we put in to craft this perfect blend.

Combining Colombian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans, each origin is roasted at a different level, light, medium and dark. Once cooled and degassed the beans are blended to our holiday profile. This cup is a complex, smooth, unique and delicious coffee experience.

The brewed cup is a medium/full bodied cup with a medium bright acidity. Tasting notes of red berry fruits, mild nutty notes and a hint of spice make this cup a unique holiday specialty. We love this seasonal blend and you will too. We’ll be roasting this favorite throughout the holiday season, so grab bag before it’s gone!

We like brewing our Union Place Holiday House Blend in a Clever Dripper pour over system because it uses a paper filter to remove the natural oils and makes a smooth tasting cup.

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