Swiss Water Processed Decaf Colombian


• Roast: Medium/Dark City Roast
• Body: Medium
• Roast Temp: 433˚F
• Acidity: Bright
• Flavor: Balanced rich sweetness / Swiss Water Process decaffeinated
• Package: 16oz poly one way valve to “seal in freshness”

Experience the full-flavor taste without the caffeine buzz. Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated Colombian beans are city+ roasted to bring out a balanced rich taste with a sweet finish. Decaffeinated without compromising flavor, Swiss Water Process decaffeination method uses water as a solvent to decaffeinate green coffee, for a chemical free bean. The Swiss Water Process of filtering and immersing green beans in a water bath to remove caffeine is repeated until the beans are 99% caffeine free; the process can take up to 10 hours.

Colombia is the world’s best-known coffee producer and ranks second in worldwide coffee production. Colombian coffee farmers work hard to uphold their high standard of excellence resulting in a consistently good quality coffee. Colombia’s rugged terrain makes it a perfect natural environment for coffee growth and with good farming practices to care and attention, Colombian beans are consistently good quality.

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Union Place Coffee Roasters, proudly purchases Sustainable Farmed 100% Arabica beans from socially and ethically responsible importers. Our importers are committed to creating a win-win for all, the farmer, the importer and the consumer. By providing training in agricultural best practices, water conservation and farm management and helping coffee farmers form collective, which improves life of farmers and farming families. By assisting coffee farmers reduce costs, increase production of high quality coffee beans and negotiate better prices for their coffee crops coffee communities improve their quality of life. We are proud to partner with these quality importers.

Swiss Water Processed Decaf Colombian

Swiss Water Processed is a 100% chemical free process that uses water to decafeinate green coffee beans. Our SWP Decaf Colombian is full- flavored, caffeine free while retaining the unique flavor, body and aroma without the caffeine buzz.

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