Swiss Water Process Colombian Decaf

$16.00 | 16 oz. | 16 oz.

• Roast:
Medium/Dark City Roast
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Balanced rich sweetness / Swiss Water Process decaffeinated
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16oz poly one way valve to seal in freshness

Experience the full-flavor taste without the caffeine buzz. Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated Colombian beans are “City Plus” roasted to bring out a balanced rich taste with a sweet finish. Decaffeinated without compromising flavor, Swiss Water Process decaffeination method uses water as a solvent to decaffeinate green coffee, for a chemical free bean. The Swiss Water Process of filtering and immersing green beans in a water bath to remove caffeine is repeated until the beans are 99% caffeine free.


Decaf Coffee? What? Noses of the coffee purest typically turn up at the very mention of the dreaded word, “decaffeinated.” But wait, not all decafs are created equal. Our Swiss Water Processed Decaf Colombian Coffee is a real crowd pleaser. To understand what differentiates decaf coffees we must look at the three main types of decaffeination processing.

The first is a direct solvent method. Steam opens the pores in the coffee beans to make them more receptive to a decaffeinating solvent. A solvent such as Methylene Chloride or Ethyl Acetate circulates through green coffee beans. The solvent dissolves and then extracts the caffeine. After that, the solvent drains away and steam gives the beans a final cleaning. The direct solvent method is typically the most common and traditional method.

The second decaffeination method is a CO2 Process. This process uses super-critical carbon dioxide at extremely high pressures to extract caffeine. Many consider this to be the cleanest method of decaffeinating a bean. However, due to its high cost, this method is typically only used to decaffeinate large quantities of less-exotic coffees.

The third method is Swiss Water Processing. This method begins by soaking green beans in hot water to dissolve the caffeine. The water is then drawn off and passed through an activated charcoal filter. Larger caffeine molecules are collected while smaller oil and flavor molecules are retained within the bean. This allows for a cleanly processed bean without a massive loss of flavor. The care and attention to detail becomes apparent when you taste a coffee decaffeinated in this manor. Swiss Water Processing removes 99.9% of caffeine from coffee. You can learn more about Swiss Water Coffee here.


Our Swiss Water Processed Decaf Colombian Coffee

Union Place Coffee Roasters sources and roasts a delicious full-flavored decaffeinated Colombian bean. We roast it a few degrees above our standard medium roast level. What this bean lacks in caffeine, it makes up for in flavor. It produces an incredibly clean cup of coffee with medium body and a bold sweet intensity. Above all, our Decaf allows you to drink a delicious coffee without giving you the caffeine jitters.

Are you still looking for a little caffeine in your cup? We recommend mixing this Colombian Decaf with our Colombian Medium Roast to make a “half-caf” cup.

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