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Organic French Roast Colombian

$15.50 | 16 oz. | 16 oz.

  • Roast: Dark
    • Body:
    • Acidity:
    • Flavor:
    Rich caramelized sugars with a dense bittersweet finish
    • Package:
    16oz poly bags with one way valve to seal in freshness

Our French Roast Colombian Coffee is full bodied with rich caramelized sugars, low acidity and a robust bittersweet finish. We roast to the second crack, allowing natural oils to excrete, creating a shiny dark bean with a light oily surface. Developing a rich bold pleasing flavor of a dark roasted coffee without an overly bitter or charred tastes.


Our Colombian French Roast is a full-bodied coffee with rich caramelized sugars. The cup is low in acidity with a bold robust bittersweet finish. It brews a rich tasting cup of coffee without any of the charred or overly bitter tastes that some French Roasts are known to have.

This bold cup is perfect for those who enjoy a dark, rich, and full-bodied coffee. This coffee holds up perfectly without losing it’s rich flavors if you like to add cream and sugar to your cup.

French Roast Colombian is the darkest coffee we produce. The beans roast for longer, well into the second “crack”. As a result, the beans release their natural oils and develop a dark brown glossy surface. We carefully watch while roasting these beans, finishing this coffee at just the right moment as to not burn or over roast.

Colombia is the world’s best-known coffee producer ranking third worldwide in coffee production behind Brazil and Vietnam. It’s high altitude; dry climate, arid mountains and well-drained volcanic soil provide ideal conditions for some of the world finest coffee. Colombian coffee growers take painstaking care and attention to environmental cultivating practices and produce their coffees with pride.

We like brewing our French Roast Colombian in a Clever Dripper pour over system because it uses a paper filter to remove the natural oils and makes a smoother tasting cup.

We also offer another Colombian Single Origin coffee with our Colombian Medium Roast.

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