Organic Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling

$17.25 | 16 oz. | 16 oz.

• Roast: Dark
• Body:
Smooth and Full
• Acidity: 
• Flavor: 
Notes of Earthy Tobacco, Chocolate and Tart Fruits with a Sweet Lingering Finish
• Package:
16 oz. poly bags with one way valve to seal in freshness

This Indonesia Sumatra Coffee is bold yet smooth, bringing rich notes of chocolate with a low acidity. Roasted to a similar level as our Union Place House Dark Roast, this coffee is pleasing to both dark and medium drinkers.


Indonesian Sumatran coffee is renowned for its distinct full-body and low acidic cup. Making this coffee a sought- after choice for coffee aficionados appreciating a bold, distinctive, smooth coffee drinking experience.

We roast our Indonesian Sumatra coffee beans to a medium-dark roast, just to the second crack, which results in a smooth, low acidity cup with earthy, and savory tobacco notes, mild fruited notes, and a sweet lingering finish. Making this one of our favorite origins, one that gets us excited every harvest season.
Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands, with Sumatra the second largest island and the largest coffee producing region of Indonesia. The islands formed by volcanic activity, the mineral-rich soil fortified with volcanic ash and diverse plant life that make Indonesia’s coffees among the some of the most celebrated coffees around the world. Growing coffee at elevations of 2,500 to 5,00 feet above sea level plays a crucial role in its flavor profile and quality.

As with most Indonesian Sumatran coffees, the cherries are processed using a semi-washed and sun-dried process also known as the “Giling Basah” method. This process, an old fashioned de-pulping method, results in reduced acidity and a heavier body in your cup. Many Sumatran coffee farms embrace organic farming practices, with emphasis on sustainability and environmental practices.

If you love our Indonesian Sumatra coffee, we recommend trying our Union Place Dark Roast House Blend!

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