Sweet & Cute Coffee Syrup

$10.50 | 16 oz.

Made with fresh roasted coffee and organic sugar. All natural, gluten free and vegan. This sweet and delicious syrup is crafted by our friends at Sweet and Cute Sweets in Honeoye Falls New York.  Made with simple ingredients, our Union Place Dark Roast House Blend coffee and organic sugar, no artificial chemicals, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup. Simple and delicious, it’s thick and sweet with a smooth coffee taste.





Pour it on, add it in, like chocolate syrup, but coffee. From milk and ice cream to cocktails and BBQ sauce Coffee Syrup is more than just a sweetener for your coffee. You can poured it on or added it to both sweet and savory dishes. Our favorite, is drizzling it over ice cream! “Coffee Milk” is the state drink of Rhode Island and is easy to make, just two ingredients – milk and Coffee Syrup!

Does Coffee Syrup contain caffeine? Yes, though not a lot, about 10mg per tablespoon. For comparison, a regular cup of coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine.

You will notice the 2 year “sell by” date printed in the bottle, it stays fresher longer when refrigerated.

8 oz.



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