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Tanzanian Peaberry

$17.00 | 16 oz. | 16 oz.

• Roast: Medium
• Roast: Medium
• Body: Medium
• Acidity: Medium / Bright


Tanzania boasts a rich coffee growing heritage. Coffee is grown at high altitudes, with cooler temperatures and ample rain fall that provides ideal conditions for coffee cultivation in its rich volcanic soil.

Tanzanian Peaberry coffee is known for its unique flavors and bright acidity. The Peaberry beans are small and round, occurring when the coffee cherry produces only one single bean instead of the usual two flat-sided beans, often these Peaberry beans are more flavorful due to concentrated nutrients.

From the Nitin Estate, located in the Ngorongoro area bordering on a game preserve, where elephants are frequent guests. This specialty coffee comes from newer planting blocks that are 5/6 years old. Fully washed & sun dried. Notes of lemon, cherry, and stone fruits with a lingering savory finish.

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