Guatemalan Organic Medium Roast

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$16.50 | 16 oz. | 16 oz.

• Roast:
• Body:
• Acidity:
Flavor: Tart fruits, Brown Sugar, Black Tea and a Sweet Lingering Finish

• Packaged: 16oz poly bags with a one way valve to seal in freshness

Guatemalan Medium Roast is a medium bodied coffee with dried fruits and brown sugar notes, ending with a sweet lingering finish. This coffee appeals to an adventurous coffee drinker with discerning tastes.


Our Organic Guatemalan Medium Roast comes from San Marcos, Guatemala’s hottest and wettest coffee region. It is named for Volcan San Marcos where the soil is rich in minerals from the volcanos presence. Early rains in this remote area have been known to cause the earliest flowering of the coffee trees.

With tasting notes of brown sugar, tart fruits and black tea this is a delicious, excellent cup. Guatemalan coffee is a customer favorite, appealing to the adventurous coffee drinker with a discerning palate, one who likes a more interesting complex cup.

Guatemala is the second largest coffee producer in Central American behind Honduras. Its spectacularly rugged topography and nutrient packed volcanic soil provide ideal growing conditions for a truly delectable coffee. Its micro-climates have a strong influence on the quality and flavors of their coffee beans.

We roast this Guatemalan beans to a medium brown roast. Bursting with notes of tart fruits, brown sugars, black tea and finishes with a sweet lingering acidity.

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2 reviews for Guatemalan Organic Medium Roast

  1. Ryan

    This Guatemalan is a great, complex bean. I brew espresso at home, and while most prefer a dark, oily roast for espresso, I was quite surprised by how well this bean held up to the brewing method. Using a lighter roast for espresso produces different results than the typical heavy/smoky/roasty bold flavors one might find at a big chain coffee shop. The Guatemalan yielded a very fruity, creamy shot with good body, but very little of the smoky assertiveness of a darker roast. There were definite hazelnut notes with a dark fruit finish. I’ll definitely be buying this again.

  2. Lynda

    This is one of my favorites! But the rest of the blends are just as good. I love going to your store and trying the new flavors and different ways to brew them.

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